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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: JavaScript Engineer
Date Posted: 2017-03-01
Location: Not mentioned
Why SitePen?

We're a team of funny, smart, passionate, engineering monsters who are focused on getting the job done in a happy, stress-free way. Alone, we are contributors to dozens of open source projects and as a team, we're a collective force to be reckoned with! We work tirelessly in small, organized groups, helping our customers improve their applications through development, testing, mentoring and support while we remain focused on creating and improving powerful open source tools for developers everywhere. As part of the team, you will play a large role in contributing your ideas and energy to crafting elegant solutions for our customers and contributing to the exciting world of open source!

We are looking for someone who is:

- A high-level front-end JavaScript engineer. Normally this would mean at least 3 years of full-time experience, but if you have the chops to blow us away with less, go for it.
- Passionate about Web development
- Interested in learning (and inventing) new technologies, standards, and techniques
- In software development not just for the money, but because it's fun
- Self-disciplined, able to work and communicate effectively in a fully remote environment
- Able to lead and delegate when needed
- Unafraid to ask questions and learn from mistakes
- Excited about solving hard problems and building new skills and knowledge every day

What you can expect to do

Being hired as an engineer at SitePen gives you the opportunity to work on basically everything we do. Depending on your skills and interests, you may do some or all of the following:

- Write new Web applications for our customers
- Provide upgrades and fixes to our customers' existing apps
- Convert existing applications to Dojo
- Deliver on-site JavaScript and Dojo training to developers around the world, on-site or online
- Provide technical assistance and support for our customers' development teams
- Improve our training materials, documentation, and processes
- Contribute patches and enhancements to open-source projects like the Dojo Toolkit, Intern, dstore, and dgrid
- Enjoy a refreshing work-life balance

Where you will work

You'll work at home! Your home just needs to be somewhere within the United States.

A highly competitive salary, plus great benefits.

Apply via this link only:

keywords: javascript engineer, javascript developer


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Company: SitePen, Inc.
Contact person: Not mentioned
Contact information: jobs@sitepen.com (APPLY VIA THE LINK ABOVE ONLY)