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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Copywriter/Content Lead
Date Posted: 2017-03-17
Location: Sydney, Australia
Hi, my name is Sasha Kovaliov, Head of Marketing with Qwilr.

Qwilr is a modern and powerful business documents platform. And by modern we mean ahead of everyone by a mile!

Qwilr doc is a native web page that comes with all the advantages of the web. It looks great on all of your devices (shame on you PDF). You can embed any web content into Qwilr docs (Word and Google Docs are out!). You can connect our docs with all of your favorite apps (a Slack notification on first view anyone?). You can accept quotes, get paid, collect info through custom forms, track opens, chat with readers, and so much more.

Qwilr -- 10, everyone else -- out :)

Everyday we help thousands customers to win more business.

Now, here is where we need your help. We've divided the work into three sections:

1. Analyze;
2. Produce;
3. Attract.


How do you know that your content performs well? You measure it!

We are looking for an analytically inclined writer, who knows how to A/B test messages, website copy, headlines, etc; analyze bounce rate, page views and heat maps to improve conversion rates.

We have a couple of core KPIs we are looking to improve, but it's up to you to come up with the performance framework and demonstrate how the suggested metrics will influence our business goals.


You are an amazing talented copywriter! And when you put your fingers to work you produce happiness, confidence, and make Qwilr stand out.

You'll start by jumping right in and mapping out our content production and identifying the gaps that we (you :) need to fill.

Here is a list of things you'll be working on:

- Produce webinars, infographics, blog posts, video scripts, customer stories, press releases, social media updates;
- Write creative briefs and direct content assets production;
- Repurpose existing content and package it into alternative forms;
- Work on Lifecycle Messaging to improve email subject lines, body content, in-app messaging, and marketing product copy;
- Work with other teams on the launches of seasonal campaigns, new marketing initiatives, new products and services.


I'll be straight: this is the most demanding part of the job.

So many companies are publishing so much great content nowadays, and we need to stand out.

You'll need to get backlinks, build relationships with stars in various B2B industries, make sure that our content converts leads into customers and supports them on their journey.

You'll need to turn our content into a lead generation and conversion machine!


Skills and Experience

- Bachelor's degree in English, journalism or a related field; If you are an astrophysicist or a marine biologist, and have a great command of the English language, please apply as well!
- 4+ years online copywriting experience.

Show us you can do this:

- Copywriting for emails, in-app messages, and subject lines, in a variety of tones and styles;

- Generating ad content (with a focus on product ads);

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for keyword usage and targeting user intent, especially for product listings and landing pages;

- Developing engaging, customer-centric content with a clear brand voice;

- Using quantitative data and analytics software to improve your copy;

- Love of new technology;

- Ability to work on a small team handling both strategy and execution plus wearing multiple hats when needed;

- Coordinating project timelines with other teams;

- Copywriting for User Interfaces (UIs), error messaging, calls to action, section headers, micro copy, and help text;

- Maintaining excellent grammar and attention to detail;

- Working at a technology startup or a marketing company;

- Knowledge of A/B testing;

- HTML/CSS basic skills;

- Photoshop/Canvas proficiency to produce great assets to support your copy.

About our team

Qwilr is a nimble and fast-growing distributed team with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Our team members work in the US, Argentina, India and a couple of other countries. This position is remote. Strong preference if you are on the US West Coast.

You'll be working on our Marketing team. However, this is a very cross functional role, so you'll be talking to developers, customer support and sales team members as well!

This is a critical role for the success of the marketing team with a lot of responsibility. We all help each other achieve our goals, so you'll be in a good company.

We all really love what we do and strive to greatness. Show us what you got!

Apply via this link only:

keywords: copywriter, content lead


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