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Title: Program Manager
Date Posted: 2017-04-20
Location: Not mentioned

Join our team!

At CollegeVine, we are committed to helping clients get the most out of their high school experience and maximize their potential. Whether they're learning to channel their motivations and develop goals in our mentorship program, learning how to ace the SAT, ACT, or classes with our tutors, or navigating the college applications process with our Applications Consultants, we promise clients the guidance they need to thrive.

We ask that you submit a resume that highlights your management and leadership abilities, as well as indicating any tutoring or mentoring experience you may have.
Schools That We Hire From

This role is for college graduates only. To be qualified for this role, you must have either graduated from OR currently attend graduate school at one of the following universities:

- Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Penn, Dartmouth, Brown, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, UChicago, Duke, Georgetown, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Rice, UC Berkeley, Wash U St. Louis, Williams, Amherst, Johns Hopkins, Emory, Notre Dame, Swarthmore, Wellesley, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA,


As a Program Manager, you'll work with a team of Applications Consultants to support them as they guide each of their clients through the college application process, from crafting a school list to matriculation. Work is focused between September and February, officially beginning July 5th and finishing in mid-May.

Compensation starts at $25 per hour, with room for rapid promotion and raises based on excellent service delivery. Highly qualified candidates may be offered a higher hourly rate from the start. Broadly, we expect managers to do the following:

- Undergo a paid training period (8-10 hrs) to prepare for client work and team leadership
- *Work 10-15 hours a week strategizing with clients and managing consultants
- Implement CollegeVine's application curriculum
- Monitor and facilitate student-consultant work to ensure excellent quality
- Develop high level application strategies for each client and track their progress
- Serve as a liaison between CollegeVine and our client families
- Complete occasional special assignments to optimize our programs

Note: This position requires a flexible schedule. Please do not apply if you cannot meet with a client in any 48 hour period should the need arise.

*This is an estimated average. Workload may vary based on specific client needs. It will likely be higher near application deadlines and lower for other weeks.

Watch your students thrive

Our strategies have been proven to be successful. As a Program Manager, you will be directly responsible for the success of not only your consultants but also your students. Over six months, you'll build close bonds with your consultants and students as they navigate the challenging applications process. Few emotions rival seeing your team help students develop into self-confident, self-reflective, and self-actualizing individuals ready to matriculate at the school of their dreams.

Grow with CollegeVine

We are a rapidly growing startup and our Program Managers are central to our growth. We're constantly looking for ways to empower our talented employees and help them meet their career goals within and without our company. Dedicated team members quickly rise through the ranks. Our Knowledge Base and company events connect you with our highly talented and ambitious network. Our managers enter the workforce with highly prized management, product development, and strategic thinking skills that they cultivated as CollegeVine leaders.

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