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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: WooCommerce Support Engineer
Date Posted: 2017-05-04
Location: Not mentioned
We are looking for a full-time WooCommerce/WordPress Support Engineer to join our happy little crew. If you can see yourself doing the following, we'd love to hear from you:

- providing exceptional customer service as our dedicated support engineer, helping eCommerce entrepreneurs
- using your excellent written communication skills to correspond with our customers and partners
- solving problems by replicating an issue and going down the code rabbit hole until you find a resolution
- helping choose new features for new versions of our software based on popularity of request for those features
- utilising your attention to detail when writing code to conform to both WordPress and internal code standards
- working remotely from wherever you are, but travelling to company meetups once or twice per year

The role does not involve pre-sales questions. It also requires you to go well beyond basic troubleshooting steps.

The tickets that arrive in your inbox will be especially tricky questions or issues that require a combination of a love of solving puzzles, exceptional attention to detail and persistence to look for clues in new application environments and strong technical knowledge of both the application level (PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce) and on occasion, the server level (Apache, Nginx, Linux) of the environments in which our software runs.

About you

You are a kind hearted and good natured person, who is comfortable with self-directed work yet also happy to do that work as part of a team. If you are an extrovert, you will need to at least understand and have empathy for introverts, which make up the majority of the team.

Your technical skills are as follows:

- experience with WooCommerce, ideally in writing code for it, but will consider experience only in using it for the right candidate
- writing code in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL & WordPress, either for front-end work like theming, or back-end work, like plugins - strong, proven knowledge of WordPress's technical APIs, (actions/filters etc) is required
- experience with Git, GitHub
- proven experience in providing technical support or customer service in previous roles

On a personal level:

- you are diligent and have excellent attention to detail
- you are friendly, polite and kindhearted, you also love to help others
- you are very intelligent (which can be demonstrated through school test results or less formal methods like exceptional written communication)
- you are collaborative rather than competitive
- you communicate clearly in English

You also have a positive mindset, and take pride in your work as you are committed to consistently doing the best job possible. You seek out opportunities for self-improvement as a path to personal and professional development.

You are also comfortable with bad puns or at least with people who attempt to use them ;)

Although not necessary, we'd love it if you have the following (attributes):

- fluency in a second (human) language
- professional experience writing front-end JavaScript
- involvement with your local WordPress community (meetups, WordCamps etc.)
- involvement with the global WooCommerce community (meetups, submitted patches to WooCommerce core etc.)

About us

Prospress (pronounced "prosperous") is a small but friendly bunch that loves eCommerce. We love building software that gives entrepreneurs the tools and freedom to do what they love!

We think WooCommerce is the best thing to happen to the web since WordPress and are dedicated to strengthening the WooCommerce ecosystem through building software, content, and community on top of WooCommerce.

So far we've built WooCommerce Subscriptions (http://www.woothemes.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/), the largest and most popular commercial plugin in the official WooCommerce extension marketplace, which is used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. We also have a few smaller plugins, like One Page Checkout and free, open-source projects like Subscribe to All the Things (https://github.com/Prospress/woocommerce-subscribe-to-all-the-things).

But that's just the beginning. We have some new products in the works, as well as new versions of Subscriptions, and we'd love you to help us work on these ideas.

Prospress is a distributed company, which means our team is located across the globe, and everyone can work from home in their pyjamas if they wish (in our view, this is definitely one of the perks of the job). We don't mind where you live, because we're a distributed company. HQ (and we use that term loosely) is in San Francisco, but we also have people in Australia, Canada, Paraguay, and elsewhere in the US.

Despite being distributed globally, we have a great work environment online, with weekly video hangouts, chat communication via Slack, and a genuinely caring team. This role will give you great opportunities to learn new skills while consolidating existing strengths.

We are professional, but relaxed and apply a very loose agile methodology to our engineering workflow, with biweekly SCRUMs. All software development is managed through GitHub. All patches to our software go through code-review from at least one other team member, which means you'll get feedback from other developers on every piece of work you complete. We expect that you will quickly be contributing to our software which will then ship to run live on thousands of websites.

We offer some pretty neat benefits, including:

- a sliding leave policy (you start with four weeks and it grows to five weeks after you've been with us for five years)
- your own Professional Development fund to cover the cost of self-guided learning
- stock options, so that our company becomes your company
- medical insurance if you're in the US
- fair pay and recognition - salary is negotiable based on experience
- autonomy and flexibility

A Day in the Life of Prospress Engineer

To give you an idea of a what it's like to work with us, this is a brief summary of a day in the (working) life of a Prospress engineer.

9:00am: you arrive at the "office", which may be a coworking space, cafe, or spare room, maybe while still in your pyjamas. You choose where you work best. You also choose when to start your day (so it might be 9am, it might be 5 am, it might be 12pm... it's up to you).

9:01am: you review Slack messages from the rest of the Prospress team. These range from team members discussing technical issues with our software, to sharing links about interesting (and mostly relevant) news in WordPress, WooCommerce, eCommerce, Cryptocurrency, Security, AI or tangential fields, like Behavioural Economics.

9:15am: you open Frontapp to find tickets with the highest priority and self-assign one to start working on, or perhaps check on the latest updates to a ticket you worked on yesterday. You fire up your favourite tools for WordPress debugging and begin the day's problem solving. You choose what to work on most of the time and how you want to work.

And that's about where the typical day ends. The rest is entirely up to you.

You can take lunch where/when you want. You can end the day, or break it up however you need to in order to maximise your productivity. Everyone on our team is given autonomy in their day and tasks because we believe the best people know how to do their best work and will strive to do it when left alone.

The only requirements we have are a fortnightly SCRUM for 1 hour and fortnightly team hangout for 1 hour.

We appreciate this isn't the right environment for everyone. It requires a genuine desire and self-discipline to constantly strive to improve your work. It's also not suited for extroverts who love a physical water cooler for chatting with colleagues (although we do have a virtual water cooler). For the right people, this freedom and autonomy will allow you to thrive.

If this sounds great to you, we'd love to have you apply for the role. The next section explains how to do that.

About the process

We know job applications are stressful, so we want to make this process as painless as possible (and maybe even fun and exciting!) This is how it's going to go down:

Step 1: Submit your application.

Step 2: We will contact shortlisted candidates via email within two weeks, inviting them to a text-chat interview via Slack (since that's where we communicate most of the time), which should take about an hour.

Step 3: We will conduct short video interviews as a follow-up to the Slack interviews

Step 4: Based on the interview and the original applications, we will invite a number of the shortlisted candidates to take part in a brief trial.

Step 5: At the end of the trial, we will invite our chosen applicants to join a full team hangout (via video call).-

Step 6: We'll make our decision and offer the position.

Here is some additional information about the process:

Q: I submitted an application but I didn't hear anything back. What happened?

A: If you don't hear from us, unfortunately, you didn't get through to the shortlist this time.

Q: Is it a formal interview?

A: We have a number of structured questions, but are also quite an informal company. The goal of the interview is to get a sense for you as a person and for you to get a sense for us as a company. The questions are meant to act as an impetus for discussion that helps us both achieve that.

Q: What sort of questions will be asked?

A: There will be a few of the usual questions like "Why do you want to work with us?" and "What would you say is the best thing you've ever built?"; but we will also have a few that should be new to you. Any technical questions will be more philosophical than practical, like "What do you like about WordPress?" rather than "What is a hook in WordPress?". The interview is more about you as a person - your application and the trial are to check your technical skills, so the interview is to so the interview is about finding people with the right attitude.

Q: Will it be a video or voice or text chat?

A: We can do whichever you prefer, please let us know if you have a preference, otherwise we will make a choice.

Q: Will everyone move on to the trial stage?

A: Unfortunately not. While we'd love to offer trials to everyone, not all of our shortlisted candidates will go through to a trial. We will let you know as soon as possible after the initial interview whether you have been selected for a trial.

Please, no recruiters or unsolicited offers.

Apply via this link only:

keywords: support engineer, woocommerce support engineer, full-time


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