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Title: UI/UX Designer
Date Posted: 2017-05-04
Location: United States
What is Design?

(via Wilson Miner), As more of the tools we live with every day become digital instead of physical, our opportunity and responsibility as designers is multiplying. We live in a world of screens, and we are the ones who decide what goes on them. We are in a unique position to have an impact one that lasts longer than the next redesign or the latest technology. What happens when we stop thinking of ourselves not just as developers or experience designers, and take up the mantle as a new generation of product designers for a digital world? - Attributed to Marshall McLuhan (but John Culkin deserves a shout out too!)

If you think creating the future and shaping our environment sounds interesting, and you want to work on technology that touches us in our daily lives (wearables, IOT, mobile), you might be a good fit here.

If you are like us, you believe that design goes much deeper than the medium or the technology. Design is the process of envisioning the future and playing a role in creating it. Its a process that never ends. You probably have sketches and half-built projects here and there for how to improve all kinds of things that don't meet your standards (hopefully for both of our sakes, you also have some finished work!)


Why should I join this company?

You should join us if you want a bureaucracy-free and consequence-oriented environment in which we pursue product quality, not zombie metrics or certifications in this or that methodology. At Mokriya, we seek the best designers and engineers, give them the autonomy we believe creativity requires (and the equipment they want), and evaluate based on impact, not politics.

We don't fall for fads and we don't rely on hype or empty rhetoric; we are a real, profitable business that's growing every month, and we believe there's an awesome future ahead. If you love to build things of quality and want to be surrounded by bright folks and given the resources you need to thrive, Mokriya might be a place for you.


Why should I be excited to work here?

First, its fun. Not in the everyone pretend to have fun, were a startup, where are the Nerf guns? way, either. Its fun to work at Mokriya because beyond the perks and good times, were a happy team of people who love to design and build great products. Its not just that we have an awesomely flat organizational structure in which everyone is *really* empowered to act; its also that we hire for fit and bring folks on only if were confident in their integrity, capability, and drive.

No one will watch over your shoulder, but neither will you have to watch over anyone else's; were a talented team of doers. There's little bureaucracy and no blocking; we work to make sure you can get things done in the way that best suits your preferences and the project needs.And when people have autonomy, room to be creative and reflective, are rewarded well for great work, and can trust and rely on their colleagues, it makes them happy. Shock!

Above all else, every single day we strive to make this "A good place to Work"

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