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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Customer Success Position
Date Posted: 2017-05-12
Location: Not mentioned
This position is for a person who loves helping people. A person that loves to make people's days. A person that happiness seeps from their pores, smiles like it going out of style, has the patience of a teacher, has teamwork as their middle name and wants a remote position working with amazing coworkers from all over the globe.

Full-time Remote Position

The perfect candidate loves to be a part of a team, works fast, dominates the keyboard, and is genuinely interested in understanding the Amazon marketplace and helping entrepreneurs succeed.

Major Responsibilities:

- Obsessed with customer support. You will be joining the customer success team to help with customer inquiries and to help answer selling on Amazon questions.
- Phone calls and video calls with customers. You must have great internet, a professional working environment and comfortable speaking with Amazon sellers.
- Weekly webinars. Again having a solid work environment is essential. You will be jumping on quick webinars with our new users weekly to help answer any questions they may have.
- Help us wow and grow our customer base. You will be empowered to try new ideas, bring your own ideas to the team as well as being passionate about Jungle Scout.

Skills Required:

- Ability to push yourself and work hard with minimum supervision. Being a remote company we are very team focused but you will not have people looking over your shoulder to ensure you are working. You need to be self-motivated.
- Detail oriented and organized. You will be responsible for keeping track of trends in the customer success field as well as reporting those trends to the team. We want you to be completely in-tune with our customer base.
- Understanding of selling on Amazon. You need to have experience working to get a product launched, working with Amazon with issues, and just in general understand what our customers are experiencing.
- Exceptional people skills and communication skills. You will be working directly with our customer base and need to be able to connect with them. You will need to communicate verbally, on video and in writing.

This is the perfect position for someone who is knowledgeable about Amazon, loves helping and educating people, is team oriented, self-motivated and positive person. You will be joining the Jungle Scout team and working directly with our customer success team. It is a fast paced, exciting and fun environment.

Apply via this link only:
http://bit.ly/28W2PPT (Scroll down and click "Customer Success Position")

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