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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Inbound and Content Marketing Executive Assistant
Date Posted: 2017-05-17
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Inbound and content marketing executive assistant (remote, flexible full-time) English & Spanish

We are building a multidisciplinary international marketing team very much focused on content marketing, SEO and inbound nurturing.

We are looking for a digital marketer with experience in content and inbound who'll play an executive assistant role in editorial, outreach and nurturing tasks.

You'll have the opportunity to OWN YOUR TIME and work with clear sprints, milestones and deliverables in a SaaS tech company like ours, with proven record of customers, like Michelin, Tesla or Zurich. We've devoted all our resources to build the best time tracking and business intelligence app for all types of companies. We are also the top rated timesheet app in the Google Suite marketplace. This is the year where we want to focus all our efforts on building a long-term quality marketing team, for good. You'll be assisting and working closely with our recently joined CMO.

This is a full dedication, flexible remote position. Back in 2008, we founded this company from *really* remote locations and even today, part of the team is living outside Belgium. So, as you can see, we fully embrace remote working as a philosophy. We are heavy users of Asana, Slack and Google Hangouts, and daily/weekly communication. There are F2F meetings where all the team gather together so we expect you'll have some availability for traveling. We believe what we offer in terms of work and work/life balance is pretty unique in the B2B tech sector.

You can co-create your role. As we team up and develop a working relationship, we want everyone in the team to think about how each one's skills and interests align with the mission of BeeBole, the company. This way, we all design a role that makes us excited to work each day and fully leverages our strengths.

Our marketing lab is being built up around the 360 bullseye framework approach: Analytics, SEO, Content, Research/Monitoring, PR, Nurturing and PPC.

In each area you'd work along with CMO and collaborators. It's time for you to tell us where you can help. Here's a list of potential responsibilities.


- Keyword research and topic monitoring
- Persona research
- Leads and customer behaviour research


- Help us execute link-building and blogger outreach

Content for Inbound:

- Write blog posts for corporate blog
- Write content for owned media
- Write content as a guest blogger elsewhere
- Identify guest-bloggers
- Blogger, journalists... outreach
- Coordinate guest-bloggers for deliverables and quality of work
- Topic monitoring in Linkedin and Twitter for content feeding
- Twitter, Linkedin content creation, hashtag milking and list maintenance. Opportunities search.
- Facebook content *
- Linkedin groups PR
- Signups (leads): social profile milking. Opportunities search.
- Outreach seeding (commenting, karma building, expertise building)
- Reviews management
- Evergreen content marketing (historical optimization)
- CTA testing

Nurturing - Inbound:

- Lead and customer nurturing: copy for email drip campaigns
- Email drip campaigns monitoring and adjustments
- Segmentation workflows
- Assets/offers creation


- Reporting MKT Performance KPIs
- Identify and implement A/B test opportunities
- Analyze all assets and campaigns

Additional notes or requirements:
Anything required? Any educational degree? Any educational degree related to marketing is welcome, and a plus. But not that important though, if you're that rockstar. Any course and certification you have in any marketing skill (eg. from sites like Udemy, Coursera, Code Academy...) is a plus too.

What we do need:

- Languages: English, Spanish. Either native or fluent C1. Exquisite writing skills in English and Spanish. Any additional language: it'd be tremendous.
- Attitude:
- You're self-driven. This is not a junior role where you're expected to do as we say. You'll anticipate needs and be pro-active, too.
- You're an organizational powerhouse. Ability to function in a fast-paced environment and prioritize multiple projects under deadlines.
- You're easy to reach.
- You bring energy into the room.
- You're always ready to get your hands dirty and do whatever you can to help.

Experience in B2B marketing is not a must but it is DEFINITELY an advantage.

To apply you are also required to have the following HubSpot certifications:

Inbound Certification

If you don't have these certification go to the HubSpot Academy and get started (http://academy.hubspot.com/certification)!

We're not accepting applications from agencies.

Apply via this link only:

keywords: assistant, executive assistant, content marketing assistant, inbound marketing assistant, freelance


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