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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Workshop Lecturer (Occasional Contractor)
Date Posted: 2017-10-11
Location: Not mentioned
Quantopian runs a global workshop series (https://www.quantopian.com/workshops) with educational events (https://www.quantopian.com/events?type=workshop) in cities all over the world. We base our workshops on lecture curriculum, which is in turn developed while working with professors at top universities and industry experts. The initial workshop curriculum was developed for an event at Cornell ORIE Manhattan, and since then we have expanded to more workshop curriculums and many cities. The workshops teach various elements of quantitative finance, with a heavy focus on statistical rigor and general understanding of quantitative research workflows. Topics include: overfitting, pairs trading, factor modeling, time series analysis, linear regression, and backtesting. Here are two example past events:



We recruit local professionals and skilled self-taught individuals who have relevant domain knowledge in a quantitative discipline, with industry experience being a bonus. We understand that once you've learned one quantitative discipline, it is easier to learn others, so we will train you if there are small gaps in your knowledge. The most important thing is that our lecturers are organized and have excellent teaching skills. Our workshops are hands-on so experts must be comfortable helping attendees with code in addition to conveying theory. We want experts who have a vested interest beyond the money, as their enthusiasm will show in the quality of their teaching. These interests can include, but are not limited to: building professional reputation/network, establishing a quantitative community in the area, and helping their firm become more connected with the local community. We also run regular free meetups (https://www.quantopian.com/events?type=meetup) in all cities in which workshops occur, and lecturers can become a leader in that community as well if they wish.

Each workshop is a full day 8 hour event. There will be an initial training prep that can take up to 25 hours, as well as a small amount of pre-workshop prep in the run-up week (usually about 2-4 hours). Lecturers will be responsible for arriving slightly early to help set up and ensuring the space is left clean, although we will sometimes recruit a student volunteer to help with these tasks. We are currently aiming to have quarterly workshop events in each of our cities, but it may be less due to demand. It can also be more frequent if demand exists and the lecturer is willing.

We are looking for many cities around the globe, but here are some of our top priorities.

Hong Kong








We will need to collect a valid W-9 or W-8BEN from the contractor.

About Quantopian

Quantopian inspires talented people everywhere to write investment algorithms. Select authors may license their algorithms to us and get paid based on performance. We have an engaged community of 120,000 people who use our platform and data to research, write, test, and trade algorithmic investing strategies.

Quantopian's investors include Spark Capital, Khosla Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz.

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