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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: SEO & Analytics Expert
Date Posted: 2017-10-17
Location: Not mentioned
[A] is looking for an SEO and Google Analytics expert, who will take initiative and think outside the box for approximately 35-60 hours per month.

Candidate will be reporting on SEO rankings with detailed recommendations on how to optimize the site to improve rankings, and maintain local listings in Google and Bing. Candidate will also report on web statistics and provide detailed recommendations how to improve visitors stats and conversion rates.

This is a remote role that can be done from anywhere in the Americas.

What you'll be doing:

- Search Engine Optimization
>>> Work with senior staff to develop and execute organic search strategy as directed
>>> Work with team to plan and oversee SEO related initiatives
>>> Define target keyword lists, optimize existing content and collaborate with content editors to implement strategy
>>> Develop and execute SEO measures to monitor effectiveness
>>> Generate regular reports to show progress towards goals
- Google Analytics
>>> Work with senior staff to compile Google Analytics reports in new and existing Excel spreadsheet templates
>>> Maintaining existing reports to measure campaign performance
>>> Performing analysis and creating PowerPoint/Google Presentation versions of reports

You may be a good match for this role if you possess...

- 2+ years' of hands-on experience in SEO research and consulting.
- Acute knowledge of SEO, including proficiency in HTML for SEO purposes.
- 2+ years' experience with keyword research, analysis, reporting and link building tools.
- Familiarity with Moz functionality.
- Proficient skills with Microsoft Excel.
- Excellent collaborative and team-working skills
- Self-motivation and the ability to work in a remote setting.
- A desire to learn and ask questions.
- English speaking proficiency (90% fluency+).
- Written English language skills at an expert level.
- Knowledge of Kentico EMS and Google AdWords are preferred.
- A strong cultural fit with [A]'s values.

Cultural Fit at [A]

- You love learning, you love teaching.
- You are constantly growing your own knowledge, and helping to grow the knowledge of others.
- You enjoy wearing multiple hats and roles, and titles are not important to you.
- You do top-quality work, manage quality, and make everything you touch better.
- You are comfortable working under strict confidentiality agreements and often behind-the-scenes.
- You are self-organized and manage time and resources well.
- You are able to not only work alone, but also communicate within a team by sending updates, tracking time, and other forms of communication while you work.

What is [A]?

At its simplest, [A] is a distributed technology consulting company in the United States that focuses on content engineering and content management systems integration. We simplify complex technology for agencies and institutional clients. We focus content engineering and content technology, but our [A]gents are multi-talented and get called upon to deliver consulting, application development, architecture and strategy.

[A] is a team of intelligent [A]gents made up of smart people with many roles and no titles. We are content engineers, analysts, programmers, developers, architects, content strategists, strategic consultants, data scientists, producers, marketers, writers and communicators.

Learn more about [A] at simplea.com.

If this sounds like you, then write up a cover letter letting [A] know why you want to work at [A], what you do best, and what inspires you. A great cover letter will say much more than the resume (though we'd like to see that too).

Apply via this link only:

keywords: part time, seo expert, analytics expert


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Contact information: info@simplea.com (DO NOT APPLY VIA THIS EMAIL ADDRESS)