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Since these are all work from home, freelance, contract and telecommute jobs, you can be based anywhere and still apply, providing you meet the employer's requirements. However, there are times when the employer will ask for applicants from a specific location, this will be clearly stated in the job posting below.

Title: Experienced Full Stack Wizard
Date Posted: 2017-11-01
Location: Not mentioned
Full Time
Any nationality in any location
No visa required
100% Distributed team
Ideal working availability minimum 2-hour overlap with GMT +2 business hours
No agencies or recruiters, please.

Who We Are (https://www.convert.com/about/)

We make fast and reliable A/B testing software. This helps our customers improve their clients' experience and improve their conversions. We've got an outstanding support team and we truly care about our product and its impact on this world. This is why we follow our Conscious Business ideology (https://medium.com/optimize-everything/how-convert-turned-down-over-100-000-in-revenue-and-profited-7211ba33bc52)

Apart from coffee, we're powered by a fiercely passionate team who believe in our organizational move to Holacracy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUHfVoQUj54) to grow our business and distribute decision making. Don't let being distributed over 12 countries fool you, we have a cohesive culture (https://medium.com/optimize-everything/the-subtle-art-of-paying-attention-how-to-communicate-smarter-on-a-remote-team-a2c68eb73069) with strong voices. Our members are empowered to make decisions (and mistakes) to drive Convert forward.

We are deeply committed to equality. Equality of location, citizenship, gender, education, timezone, religion, sexual orientation etc.. This means that all applicants who pass step 2 are anonymized. Applicant code names are assigned and any information identifying the above are blacked out. This is our way to ensure that candidates moved to a technical review or interview are based solely on their qualifications and not on our unconscious biases.

What We Want

A Wizard. You're an experienced, full stack web developer. Things you like: working with web technologies to build cloud-hosted apps, solving problems at scale, fulfilling a critical role in a growing, changing company.

Here, you'll be kind of a big deal. What you build will directly influence the way our customers interact with our app--and whether they grow to love or hate, Convert software.

Who We Want

You're principled, self-motivated, resourceful, and driven by new challenges. You integrate (and are up to speed on) security best practices--but you're also curious about new tech.

Right now, we use PHP, Node.js, Ractive.js, REST/XML, relational and big data databases. But technologies change, and so do we. We're open to new ideas and embrace more powerful, or more efficient, technologies with open arms. You're as excited about these opportunities as we are.

What You Know

Valuable experience with the following technologies is a requirement:

- PHP using an Object-Oriented Programming approach
- Node.js
- Git as a versioning system
- JavaScript concepts and design

Your work will touch all components of the web app so we'd love you to have the following skills:

- Skilled at designing web apps, and/or functionality inside existing web apps, that easily scale horizontally
- Talent for keeping security and ease of use at the forefront
- Highly experienced with back-end technologies
- Adept at designing and building apps/modules that scale
- Accomplished with modern front-end technologies like Ractive.js
- Proven experience working with both relational and non-relational databases for large-scale apps

Bonus Points

- Seasoned in designing and building large scale apps based on elastic-search and/or Splunk logs/events management engine is a real plus

- #What You'll Get Paid

We have a generous offer for distributed team members based on your location. Check our salary calculator (https://www.convert.com/salary/?r=1)


- Reasonable flexibility to choose hours and snooze notifications on Slack
- A strong team culture of appreciation and support. Seriously
- Excellent work/life balance, we only work weekends when it's needed
- Principled. To give you an idea (https://medium.com/optimize-everything/how-convert-turned-down-over-100-000-in-revenue-and-profited-7211ba33bc52)
- Credit per month for Kindle/Audible
- Blinkist Subscription
- Spotify Subscription: Because music can help the work ... flow. We often share our playlists as well.

- Productivity Stipend: You can spend this in any way you see fit to make you more productive: coworking space, home internet upgrade, kindle purchase, better chair, or coffee at the place around the block that has the best wifi!

What You've Got

- High fluency in written and oral English which is the common language of our international team (we love your beautiful accents)

- Collaborates with ease, sync and async

- Excellent active listening approach to problem-solving

- A very robust personal website and/or online profile with lots of content to show us how savvy you are

What You'll Do

- Be a key team member that handles the maintenance and the evolution of Convert's A/B testing and personalization web platform whose focus will be mostly on the back-end

- Help the app to handle hundreds of millions of monthly users and show our customers interesting reporting based on that traffic

- Creative problem solving when we scale from 500M visitors to 500B visitors

- Fix things when something goes wrong

- Become one with the app along the way, as every aspect would be mastered by you

- Directly influence our customers' use of our fantastic product

Your Goals

- Learn every aspect of the app and be able to resolve any issue that might appear

- Help to build a petabyte-scalable and extendable reporting engine

- Sound like a fit? Let's talk

Apply via this link only:

keywords: full stack wizard, full stack developer, full time


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