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Title: Director of Operations
Date Posted: 2017-11-09
Location: Not mentioned
The WFC Group's Director of Operations works closely with our clients and employees both domestically and internationally to oversee, direct and guide, customized workforce management solutions and provide high level project support. This role is responsible for ensuring the best possible project management and services are being delivered to our clients, and that all team members are thriving in their execution of project deliverables and daily operations. Additionally, this position is responsible for executing enhancements to internal processes and infrastructure in order to better meet customer service, employee, growth and profitability goals.


- Oversees and manages the day to day performance and operations of the implementation team and all client projects, including but not limited to:
- Ensures all resources, project frameworks, processes and components are in place for a successful and on time project delivery.
- Guarantees the services and deliverables outlined in signed client Statements of Work, Change Orders, etc. are delivered and completed as requested and specified.
- Certifies all projects are moving forward in a timely manner and resolves delays in project delivery to ensure a successful project completion.
- Directs the coordination of resources on active projects and addresses resource constraints.
- Ensures client satisfaction is top tier through frequent communication with project sponsors/ executives and onsite visibility at key and strategic events during the client delivery lifecycle.
- Acts as Project Management's point of escalation for the resolutions of issue and removal of barriers to progress, as necessary.
- Proactively recommends products or services to clients to meet their existing and future business needs.
- Helps in addressing elevated billing issues with the client when they arise.
- Monitors productivity and operational standards and ensures that business operations are efficient and effective.
- Sets parameters to judge how efficiently and effectively the implementation team is operating.
- Promotes regular and ongoing opportunities for all employees to give feedback and suggestions on operations, processes and procedures.
- Leads, improves and implements quality standards focusing on operational systems, processes and policies.
- Helps identify potential company growth opportunities and priorities and implements new operational directives for growth.
- Contributes to short and long-term organizational planning and strategizing and establishes corresponding operational excellence initiatives.
- Collaborates with all Directors and departments providing input on efficiencies, increasing communication and advising on related business planning activities.
- Advises senior/executive management of escalated project and client statuses and issues.
- Provides motivation to team members, helps boost morale and recognizes team members for contribution made to the company.
- Helps team members improve performance by providing input on various annual performance reviews or evaluations as necessary.
- Participates in the staffing process including reviewing, assessing and interviewing job candidates as appropriate.


- Minimum of five (5) years Divisional/ Departmental Management experience in the WFM industry.
- Sound generalized knowledge of Kronos customization, configuration and implementation processes and components.
- Thorough understanding of project management phases and implementation life cycle components.
- Ability to work independently without daily supervision as well as multitask between different projects and clients.
- Experience working in complex business environments and on high-pressure, fast-paced initiatives in a collaborative team setting.
- Proven Leadership, interpersonal and personnel motivation/ management skills.
- Excellent and creative problem-solving and analytical skills.
- Strong documentation skills in creating professional presentations and materials.
- Willingness and ability to travel.
- Familiarity with project management tools and/ or metrics software(s) and all Microsoft Office Products.
- Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in Computer Science or a related business field.


- Master's Degree.
- PMP Certification.
- International exposure to WFM implementations.
- Familiarity with HCM/WFM solution concepts such as: Payroll, Benefits, Time and Attendance, Entitlements, Accruals, Leave Management, Advanced Scheduling and Labor Forecasting/ Analytics.

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Company: The WFC Group
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