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Title: Software Development in Test - Sensor Stability
Date Posted: 2018-02-11
Location: United States
CrowdStrike is a computer security company founded on the principle that effective computer security cannot be achieved without understanding the goals, tactics, and techniques used by determined attackers who can be expected to purposefully and repeatedly pursue their objectives to the detriment of our customers.

CrowdStrike customers include some of the largest blue chip companies in the financial services, energy, oil & gas, telecommunications, retail, and technology sectors, along with some of the largest and most sophisticated government agencies worldwide.

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The Product:

CrowdStrike Falcon Host is a two-component security product. One component is a "sensor": a driver installed on a client machine that observes system activity and recognizes malicious behavior, then provides on-box prevention capability and remote telemetry to the Falcon Host cloud. The cloud component aggregates sensor telemetry for each customer's network, can correlate malicious behavior across multiple machines, and presents our customers' operations teams with a prioritized summary of the threats detected in their environments.

Job Description:

Sensor SDETs have as their primary mission to ensure the stability, functionality, and performance of the sensor software. To this end, we develop platform-specific and cross-platform test and automation tools, we participate actively in design and code reviews, and we collaborate with the cloud team to ensure end-to-end system functionality. Additionally, we have the opportunity to learn more about the tools, techniques, and procedures employed in attacks on our customers and to use this knowledge in challenging our engineering team to constantly improve Falcon's capabilities.

Job Responsibilities:

The core of the Software Development Engineer in Test's (SDET's) job at CrowdStrike is:

- Analyze and decompose a complicated software system and design a strategy to test this system.
- Build advanced automated test suites; we avoid manual testing: we write software that tests software.
- Collaborate with the development and test engineering teams to control risk, improve quality, and streamline our release cycles.

Position-Specific Details, SDET

The sensor test team is hiring an SDET position whose primary responsibility will be to ensure that the sensor does not degrade the performance and stability of the machines running a broad range of hardware. We are looking for someone who can design and automate the operation and reporting of full-system tests that exercise every key component of a userland application runtime.

We will be working with key customers to identify their critical scenarios, and creativity in adapting those scenarios to an automated test environment will be important. Furthermore, the Server Stability SDET will be working closely with the rest of the team remotely so the ability to communicate clearly and work effectively in a distributed team will be critical to success.

For this position, candidates with a demonstrated ability to define and implement performance test scenarios, load scenarios, or stress test scenarios will be preferred.

Other Requirements:

We are looking for people who:

- Find bugs just as interesting as features, and like breaking software as much as they like building and using it.
- Are able to think about and analyze software with the explicit purpose of preventing bugs or making them easy to find.
- Can communicate, collaborate, and work effectively in a distributed team.
- Can program computers and can demonstrate that capability, be it through job experience, schoolwork, or contributions to community projects.
- Solid coding and debugging skills in C or C++ or Java.
- Solid understanding of operating system kernel concepts with specific experience in OSX, or Linux.

Other Desirable Qualifications:

Though none are strictly required for this position from the outset, strong SDETs eventually build the following kinds of qualifications:

- Understanding of fundamental computer science concepts; experience in analysis and implementation of data structures, algorithms, and software design.
- Ability to write and automate test cases, triage bugs, and write actionable bug reports.
- Ability to read code with a focus on its robustness and security (or lack thereof).
- Ability to clearly define test strategies for features, and implement those strategies.
- A track record of shipping quality software.

Finally, the Sensor test team will find any of the following particularly attractive in a candidate:

- Experience testing or developing software on OSX, or Linux.
- Experience with a scripting language such as Python or PowerShell for test automation.

CrowdStrike is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex including sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, or local law.

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