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Let’s take a closer look at some of your work at home questions.

30 December 2009 3 Comments

Ever since Jen took over the management of Genuinejobs.com I’ve distanced myself a bit from the daily activity of the site, including reading and responding to support emails. Though the idea was to free-up my time when I passed these responsibilities to Jen, I’ve become disconnected with our site users. It’s like no longer knowing who your customers are and that can never be good for business. Now don’t get me wrong, Jen is doing an amazingĀ  job but in reality one can never really be completely disconnected from a business or in my case a website.

That said, I asked Jen to forward some of the emails she’s been receiving for me to take a look at. From those emails I decided to make this post to help address some of the questions job seekers have as it relates to using Genuinejobs.com. If after going through this post you have any questions, click on the contact button above and in your email mention that your message is for “Chris”. This will allow Jen to sort the messages and forward them to me.

1. How long does it take to get a work at home job?

There is no correct answer to this question as there are so many variables (how qualified you are, the number of people applying, if your application is professional, etc) . But I can tell you that there are thousands of people using the site daily so there is a lot of competition for jobs when they get posted. The key is to try and be the first to apply and follow the instructions set by the hiring employer. Employers like seeing that you can follow instructions. The final thing I can recommend is to have patience and don’t give up.

2. I’ve applied for positions using the job search but I’ve not heard back from you.

The first thing you must remember is that we DON’T do the hiring. Our service provides the vacant work from home jobs and it’s up to you to apply and the employer to go through the hiring process. If for some reason we didn’t make this clear enough, please accept our sincere apology. We’ve done the hardest part of the job hunt by connecting you with the vacant jobs, jobs most of you won’tĀ  know where to find. We’re in contact with employers, head hunters and hiring managers but we cannot convince them who they should hire.

We cannot give you a job. Just like searching for a job offline, you’ll need to look for a suitable job yourself. If you find a job lead that matches your skills and apply for the job make sure that your resume and cover letter are the best they can be and give a great first impression to any prospective employer. Your resume and cover letter can make you stand out (or not) from other people that are also applying for the same job.

3. I’ve applied for a job but the email application came back undeliverable. Do you have another way of contacting the employer?

The contact info you see posted on each position listed is all we got from the employer. We have no other way of getting in contact with the employer or it would have been posted within the “contact” field in the posting. There are several reasons why you may have received your application back… the inbox of the employer is full from the applications they’ve already received, the job was filled and we were never told to remove it or you may have made a typo in the email address.

I would recommend that you try sending the email one more time to ensure that you get a crack at the vacant job.

4. The jobs in the vacant jobs list seems to be out dated.

Yes, there are jobs in there that are old, but the problem we face being a “free” service is that employers send us their jobs but they never have the courtesy to let us know when a job is filled so we can remove it. We rely on job seekers to tell us when they come across a filled position so we can remove it. Additionally we have an internal script that cleans out jobs that are old (works of the amount of time a job is live on the site) which we’ll be updating soon to work at a quicker time frame.

5. You’ve sent me a jobs update with new vacant jobs, but I can’t find it when I go to the main jobs list.

There are 2 steps to those updates you get. The first page you go to will list all the new vacant jobs, including the one from the subject of the email. Lower down that page you will see the link to click to the page with the details of each job (it will say JOB SEARCH). After you click on that link the new jobs will be listed first. Go through the titles and you’ll find the ones that you’re looking for. Additionally we’ve also improved the “Search” tool so you also have the option entering the type of job you’re looking for and hit “GO” see image below:

using the job search tool

I’m sure you may have other questions, so i encourage you to leave us a comment in the area provided below and we’ll try our very best to get things sorted out for you. Before I go I’d like to leave you with one important advice… Visit the main jobs list as often as you can, new vacant jobs are posted as soon as we receive them so this will allow you to apply before many other job seekers. this will enhance your chances at landing the work at home job you seek.



p.s. If you normally receive the jobs update from us and no longer wish to receive them (some people complain that it’s too often, but we promised to update you when new jobs are posted – can’t please everyone) please don’t “swear” and write nasty emails to us. When you subscribed for this free service we told you that it was an opt-in list, which means in EVERY email we send out there is an unsubscribe link. That is not only “law”, it shows you that we’re serious about the way we conduct business and will never spam anyone. Simply click on that link and follow the instructions to be removed from the contact list.

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  • Margo said:

    Thank you for these tips/comments. I was beginning to wonder about how real this site might be. I check this site regularly. Thank you for all you do. :)

  • admin (author) said:

    Margo, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • Anna said:

    Dear Genuinejobs!!!
    I found a perfect job with your help, I got chance to live better life for me and my family! Thanks again for all you do for us and I want everyone to know that this is real.
    I wish you good luck in upcoming year.

    Best Regards,

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