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[24 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]
What Does A Freelance Job Mean For You?

The popularity of freelancing stems from the fact that it allows you to work at your own time and pace and also enjoy the luxury of your own space (be it from your private home office or on your laptop at a cafe with internet access). It also serves as a way to follow your passion along with your regular job until you’re at the point where you can dedicate all your time to your freelancing career. However for it to truly work out for you, it must be financially …

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[21 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]
Do More Women Work From Home?

When I first started working form home about 15 years ago the industry was not only very new, but the majority of us who did work from home, were women. Over the years I’ve seen the telecommuting industry come of age and I was under the impression that there were more men working from home. However, after reading a recent article which included a survey done by management consulting firm Zinnov, it was revealed that¬†the majority of the virtual freelancers are women. Additionally a growing number of Fortune 500 companies …

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[5 Apr 2012 | No Comment | ]
Work From Home To Save Money And Ease Congestion.

It’s about time the concept of working from home is a more readily available option for today’s work force. I read this morning that on the island of Bermuda the government is considering having a portion of their employees work from home in an effort to save money and ease congestion in the capital city, where most civil servants tend to work. The work from home idea is being welcomed by environmentalists and even the union representative for the workers see this as a step forward.
Government Estates and Information Services …

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[26 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]
Assistant Managing Editor Needed.

The list of newly posted vacant work at home jobs is now live and we encourage you to apply for those jobs you qualify for. The featured vacant job is the call to fill an Assistant Managing Editor position.¬†CraftFoxes.com, a new social network for crafters, is searching for an assistant managing editor to oversee assigning, acquiring and editing content for the site. The role will be part-time with the ideal candidate able to update the site five days a week. While the team is primarily based in the northeast, telecommuting …

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[6 Mar 2012 | No Comment | ]
Writers and Editors Needed.

The latest batch of vacant work at home, freelance and contract jobs are now live and they include the immediate call to fill several freelance writing and editorial positions. These jobs are of the freelance basis, so you can be based anywhere and apply. As with all the vacant jobs we list, if you come across any which require for a fee of some sort, please let us know so we can have it removed from the main jobs listing. Basically NO employer will require you to pay them to …

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[26 Oct 2011 | No Comment | ]
The Biggest Challenges With Work At Home Jobs

Having work at home jobs offers many benefits and conveniences for people who desperately need to work out of their home. However, if not carefully considered, working out of the home can also be a very difficult way to make a living. The image people often get when they think about working from home is one of luxury and ease, when in reality, work at home jobs take a high level of self-discipline and time management skills. Below are a list of some of the biggest challenges to working from …

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[7 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments | ]
How To Avoid Being A Victim Of An Online Work At Home Scam.

One of the sad realities of looking for a job you can do from home, is the fact that you’ll come across more scams than real job opportunities. The online scammers know that people looking for work is somewhat desperate, so they target them with their scams. In this episode of the work from home minute, I’ll share some tips with you on how you can save yourself from being the victims of these scams. Should you have any relating questions, especially if it applies to finding a work at …

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[6 Dec 2010 | 5 Comments | ]
December Work At Home Questions.

Early last month we launched our monthly question and answer segment and the response was tremendous. It seems that the work at home industry leaves for many questions, especially with all the scams there are online which target people looking for jobs they can do from home. Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy trying to get all your questions answered via all the videos I’ve been sharing. Were these videos helpful? (leave your response below)
Last month we focused on the job application process, so this month we’d like …

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[10 Nov 2010 | No Comment | ]
Where are the work at home jobs for moms?

In today’s video I’ll try to answer the following question that was asked recently: I need to work from home i am now a single mum and have always worked, i work in the office sector but am willing to try almost anything. Does anyone have any genuine work at home where i don’t have to pay upfront? Please help any ideas are gratefully received. Georgina Heley
I must apologize to Georgina for the mispronunciation of her name in the video, as I only noticed the mistake I made after watching …

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[17 Jun 2010 | One Comment | ]
Vacant Market Research Position – Jobs List June 17.

In line with the company’s growth, numerous openings are available for seasoned market research analysts/writers who can research and write complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports covering technology markets such as advanced materials, chemicals, plastics, semiconductor processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, fuel cells, various energy topics, alternative fuels, information technology, instrumentation/controls, environmental issues such as air and water pollution monitoring/reduction, and other technology markets.
Compensation is competitive. Analysts work from their own home offices independently and can be based anywhere in the world. Compensation includes a guaranteed advance against royalties and ongoing royalties …