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17 July 2009 32 Comments

Since we’ve launched the site we’ve doneĀ a lot of testing to ensure that all the features are working as they should. But there are times when we receive emails from users who are concerned by periodic errors they’ve encountered. We’re asking (begging) for your help. Can you take a few minutes to go through all the pages on the site to check for errors? If you do encounter anything you feel looks strange – a link that does not work or any formatting (images misplaced) please take a moment to tell us. Maybe you’re still getting the “old” website loading and you can’t click on anything? PLEASE TELL US!

Simply make note of the error (please include the link that caused the error) and leave us a comment in the “comments” area below this post. Also tell us what browser you were using when you encountered the error’s (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, other) as this will help us in correcting the error you’ve encountered.

Here’s what a couple formatting errors look like. Pay attention to the red circled area.

error 1

error 2

This is how the page should look. Notice the right side, compare to the first image above?

no error

We really appreciate your help in making this website the great resource it is for vacant work at home jobs. Leave your findings below in the comments box.



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  • Josh said:

    I’m getting listings on top, ads down below, and the footer correctly at the bottom, with correct background colors. I’m running IE8 in compatibility mode.

    When I turn off compatibility mode, I lose the background color, the footer ends up at the top right (like wrong image #1).

  • shaik said:

    the site is perfectly fine for me

  • Connie said:

    The first page has the jobs on the top and the ads on the bottom. Starting on the second page, the format looks correct. I am using Internet Explorer.

  • Diane said:

    Hi, I’ve taken a few minutes look at the new site. I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to go throught each and every page. I only had time for about 3 or 4 pages.
    Once I opened the site from the link in my email, I went to click,”Job Search”. From there I was on the next page that started the job listing. What I notice was that on the top right side, it was empty.
    So then I scroll a little further down from the first listing of jobs,
    I notice the ads were in a column like setting below the job listing.
    So then I click on the word next at the end of the listing to go to the second page and low and behold on the second page are the ads on the right side of the page next to the job listing.
    When I decide to click to check out the job posting I find no posting at the top of the page accept for the ads on the right side. So then I scroll down a little further and somehow the job posting is near the bottom of the page instead of the top.
    These computers I use are public from City Libraries where I live and I always use Internet Explorer.
    I hope this helps. I got go now.

  • Alva said:

    Still getting the above (first layout) on job search inquiry. It is not set up with the information on the right side of the page as you have formatted on the example above.

  • Laniese said:

    Once I was unable to access the jobs. It asked me to sign up with the site which of course I have already done or I would not have received the email to view the latest jobs.
    I see the “Feature of the month” portion below the job listings as in the 2nd example of errors listed above. But when I click on a job listing for more information, it appears on the right side (like in the correct example). I use IEv7

  • Reba said:

    I am getting the jobs to show, but the left side of the screen is blank like where a large area of ads should be–maybe a screen length.

  • Ora said:

    Everything is in the correct place and I am using IE 6

  • ricardo said:

    It Seems your Website, is limited to some WebBrowser, my opinion is that add additional module to which this site can open to other Web Browser. im a web Developer also, and base on my experience i encounter that situation also. By the way it work ok here in Mozilla Firefox and not in Internet Explorer. i suggest you ask your Developer to modify the code, it is simply because some site has different function or respond to other site.

    Glad This will Help…

  • Ledaun Cowling said:

    My page looks exactly like the wrong version. It use to have the advertisements on top and work on the bottom. I am using Internet Explorer the most recent version. The second page is correct. All the rest of the pages were correct.

  • Ismail said:

    Hi Jen,

    Ever since I was introduced to your new website I never had problems. Everything goes on well to this date.

    Keep up the good job !!!

    Best regards,

  • Kelly said:

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the new site. I am running Internet Explorer 8. I have had no issues with pulling up the site or navigating within it. But I do have a couple of issues that I think might help.
    The page of the listed job openings is fine, however, when you click on a specific job, it hops over to that information. When you get to that page it’s WHITE!! If some people don’t know any better they’re going to think there really isn’t a job there. The fact is, you need to move that job information UP to the top of the page. That layout is awful. If you move the job information UP you won’t have that big white gaping hole on that page.
    Secondly, I notices there are a lot of jobs posted from craigslist.com. Sometimes the emails for the job applications work, and some times they don’t. Here’s where you’re not going to like me… If I wanted to look for jobs on craigslist.com then I would just go to their site. I don’t like craigslist at all. I don’t find their information credible and there is NO monitoring of jobs posted there. I know in this economy it’s going to be hard to find jobs as it is, but craigslist is not the answer.
    Other than that, all factions of the site are working fine. I have cable internet (Road Runner) through time warner cable.

  • Jeanne Dininni said:

    In my browser (Internet Explorer), the job search page is misformatted in the same way it is in your first two illustrations above (with the e-mail signup form and ad blocks located below the job listings and an empty right sidebar/margin). The background is white, though (and not gray textured like your first two illustrations).

  • Thomas Juma said:

    Such problems arise when you’re using div tags to design the layout of your page. I usually use tables. But im sure afew adjustments to the CSS stylesheets and alot of testing should fix the problem.

  • NJ Shaw said:

    I am using the MSN browser that comes with Verizon wireless internet. I have the pages loading and I can click on the content, but the ads are displaced….appearing at the bottom of the job listings on each page, but before the page footer.

    Hope this helps.

  • Eileen Lee said:

    ust leave off all the advertisements and you should be fine

  • Eileen Lee said:

    all the ads are a distraction

  • Jeannine Morales said:

    Hi Guys!
    I did a fast check up to 21 pages and yes you have a number of pages that are reading like you pointed out here. Also found some ads that were not capitalized in the beginning, ads that were indented out of line and had weird symbols on them. The bad pages would show color of light grey background only, no white where the ads are placed.
    I use IE8. Will look more further in depth when I have a little time for broken links etc.

    Jeannine Morales

  • Sam said:


    Hi Chris,

    If you go to the above URL address and on the right side of the page
    where you are listing the recent posts. Go to the bottom of this flash widget and you have a button that says get widget and if you click on it in firefox the entire box becomes empty and the entire page becomes grayed out until you click on it again.

    Also, underneath the recent post box is a gray area that goes down to the bottom of the page but I wasn’t sure if it is suppose to be empty or displaying more ads.

    The second URL address does the same thing with the get widget button on the recent posts listing.

    I went through the rest of the site and for what I could see it looks very nice.

  • Priscilla said:

    I’m getting error #2, a long list of ads in the center before I get down to any job listings. I use IE8.

  • Deb L. said:

    Here are the problems which I found when going through all the job page listings. The pages all had the same error. No ads on right hand of page for the following date listings: 7/7-7/10
    I am running IE8 and everything else looks good. Hope this helps and is what you were looking for!

  • Organized Design said:

    Hello –

    Responding to your email about problems with your web site:

    FYI – My browser is Internet Explorer 7.

    1.) On July 15th I saw no new job postings after the date of July 9th. I assumed you had posted none. However, if you had more current posts listed at that time, I was not able to view them.

    2.) When using the previous and next buttons on your Job Search pages they work properly going back in time (the next button) however if you try to go forward in time (the previous button) it will not go back one page at a time, it jumps all the way back to the most current post dates. This happened today July 18th, 2009.

    3.) When I click on the link to open the page for a specific job listing the page is not formatted correctly: The ads are in the correct spot on the right margin, and the job listing is on the left side of the screen. However, to see the job listing you must scroll down the page all the way past all the ads to even know there is a listing there! On the page above the listing (next to the ads)is nothing but blank white page!

    I hope this helps you and you are able to fix these problems.

  • Organized Design said:

    OK here’s one more problem I just noticed . . .

    Your time stamp is off on your comments. My comment (above) was posted at 3:09 pm not 5:09pm.

  • Chris De La Rosa said:

    Hello Everyone,

    We really appreciate you taking the time to share your user experience with us. I will ask our programmer to look at the comments and get these issues addressed asap.

    Again, thanks for your input. And good luck with your job search.


    [rq=100272,0,blog][/rq]Frequently asked questions about being a Virtual Assistant.

  • Jeannine Morales said:

    Gone through more in depth,
    Job Search pages: 2,7,11,14,15,17,23,24,26 are showing ads on bottom and copyright info on some on right hand side. Indent out of line on some of these pages.
    Home page is fine.
    Contact Page is fine.
    Employer page is fine.
    Telecommuting page: on page 3 starts a 404 Error message.Can not get through after page 2.
    Clicked on many links and found no broken links.
    This is what I have found besides what I have mentioned earlier.

  • Jeanne Dininni said:

    My further investigation today confirms Jeannine’s findings on the Job Search pages. I checked as far as page 20, and pages 2,7,11,14,15, and 17 also gave me the ads-at-the-bottom problem. (Didn’t notice whether there were copyright location issues or misaligned indents, though.) All the unlisted pages, up to and including page 20, appeared fine.

  • Bonita Smith said:

    I am noticing the same problem as the last two people who posted, Jeanne, and Jeannine.

    The other thing that I noticed was that when I click on the “Back to Jobsearch” link at the top of the job description page, it takes me back to the beginning of the list of jobs, not back to the page I just came from. Did not find any broken links.

  • Susan said:

    I did not find the functional, layout errors you highlighted and that others mentioned in their responses, so maybe they were already corrected by the time of my review.

    I did notice a few problems in the “Browse Categories” section on the “We need your help” page.

    1. When I clicked on the “Motivation” category, I got “No posts found. Try a different search?” Since it was a question, I clicked on the sentence, but there was no link.

    2. On the “Work from Home” category page, there were only two articles and then a large grey block with a while line across the right corner which made it look like maybe there should have been more articles.

    3. Another small point. Again, on the “We need your help” page, the lead-in paragraph ends with ellipses and the statement “read full story.” All of the other articles under every category just end with the ellipses and not the statement. It’s not a biggie, but as a professional editor, inconsistencies stand out.

  • Rebecca Ensley said:

    Everything seems to be working on mine. I’m using IE

  • Irma Clark said:

    I have found the same thing that one of the other commenters talked about: There is WAY too much blank space on my left side of the screen before I actually get to the job description. Some people would not take the time to scroll halfway down the page to get to the job.

  • Margaret said:

    I’m using Mozilla and everything looks okay, no problems as yet.

  • abhian said:

    The site is perfectly fine for me

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