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December 9, 2016

Hello Jobseekers,

The featured vacant job this Friday afternoon is the call to fill a Proofreader (work from home) position. If you're interested in applying for this or any of our other jobs, we recommend you do so now as there are thousands of job seekers getting this update as you did. Below you'll find a breakdown of some of the newly posted vacant work from home, telecommute, freelance and contract jobs we're trying to fill immediately. Additionally, when you click on the "Job Search" link below you'll learn more about the featured vacant job, plus get info on all 2,600+ vacant jobs we currently have to fill.

Since these jobs are all work from home related, which means that you can be based anywhere globally and still apply. However there are times when the employer will ask that you be within a certain radius of their office, in the event you're required to attend meetings etc. This will be clearly stated in the job's description.


Here's a sample of the latest vacant jobs we've posted the last 24hrs...

1. Bookkeeper
2. Need Character Designs for Anime Girls
3. Call For Short Story Submissions
4. Nurse Practitioner - Telephonic Call
5. Inbound / Digital Marketing Coordinator
6. Experienced Top Notch Designer
7. Professional Design and Development of WordPress Site for Mobile App Download
8. Customer Value Specialist - AAMI (Part Time)
9. Social Media Coordinator Required for Ongoing Casual Work
10. Teaching Artist
11. In Need of a Transcriptionist
12. Freelance Writer
13. Software Engineer Wanted
14. Seeking Passionate Gamers & Content Creators
15. Customer Support and Community Manager
16. Freelance Reporters for Int'l Trade Publication
17. Freelance Apparel Decoration Artist
18. Entry Level Web Programmer
19. App Developer
20. Proofreader
21. VPN Engineer
22. Perl Software Developer
23. Travel Consultant
24. Graphic / UI / UX / Visual Designer
25. Grant Writer
26. WordPress Gig
27. Lyricist / Songwriter (Temp / Freelance)
28. Website Content Proofreader - Part Time
29. Freelance Go-To Designer
30. Client Care Coordinator

If you're interested in any of the jobs mentioned above, or would like to search through the full list of vacant work at home jobs, click on the "Apply Now" link below to get started.


Good luck with your job search


Operations Manager